A Paper A Week

I decided I wasn’t reading enough, not taking enough notes, and not learning new stuff as well as I could be. The main reason for this is that I’ll open an interesting paper in my container of 50 other tabs with papers to read, and then I’ll go do something else. When I do eventually get back to the paper, I’ll read the abstract, think “interesting/wtf”, then go do something else… it’s a never ending cycle.

This page will list the paper I read this week, along with some notes and annotations – not always though. At the bottom of the page are the resources I use (read: try to use) to stay organized and manage material.

Tools of the trade (?):

  • Org-mode – I’m a vim kinda guy, but emacs org-mode is just so good for everything
  • FoxitReaderPDF – highlight PDFs & take small notes
  • Ghostwriter – take markdown style notes on an in-depth paper read
  • PDFExpert & Notability – really great apps that let me make many mistakes when note taking and studying
  • Pen & paper – when I’m actually serious about the paper I’m reading… except these don’t make it to the blog
  • Arxiv Sanity, SemanticScholar, CiteSeerx

Last updated: 24/02/2019