You’ve stumbled upon my stash of knowledge dumps, notes, ramblings, and posts about new things I’ve learned or projects I’ve done. Not everything is kept/posted as a blog entry… there’s probably a lot of random files behind the scenes that I haven’t bothered formally posting. This is also kind of an incentive for me to clear out my backlog of projects and ideas I have stashed away to “play around with”.

This blog should mainly be focused on ML & AI, but it’ll also have stuff on security, mathematics, general CS, and anything else I’m interested in.

I currently have an MSc in computer science where I focused on ML and worked with Gaussian processes in the field of biochemistry for disease diagnosis. I love research and aim to complete a PhD soon. My undergraduate studies were focused on complexity theory and novel algorithms for MP3 steganography. Bayesian models are my current preferred research area, but I also like probabilistic programming, reinforcement learning, and deep learning.

Besides my main topics of focus, I’m also interested in exploit development, viruses, operating systems, and biocomputation, to name a few. Olympic weightlifting, eating, and exploring are some of the other things I love doing. I’m also a lover of oldskool {internet, programming, computing} and have recently got involved with the demoscene.