walking wizard

You’ve stumbled upon my stash of knowledge dumps, notes, ramblings, and posts about new things I’ve learned or projects I’ve done. Not everything is kept/posted as a blog entry… there’s probably a lot of random files behind the scenes that I haven’t bothered formally posting. This is also kind of an incentive for me to clear out my backlog of projects and ideas I have stashed away to “play around with”.

This blog should mainly be focused on ML & AI, but it’ll also have stuff on anything else I’m interested in.

I’m a graduate student in computer science. So far, my work has been in Machine Learning & Gaussian Processes in the field of biochemistry for disease diagnosis. In the past I’ve worked on theoretical CS and novel algorithms for MP3 steganography. Bayesian models are my current preferred area of research. Currently working in industry; thinking about a PhD (I love research).

Besides my main topics of focus, I’m also interested in and try to follow: exploit development, security, OS development, drug discovery, genomics, neuroscience, artificial life, and discrete optimization to name a few. I tend to have a pool of active projects and research that I rotate work on based on the weather and what I’m snacking on (or whatever random shit I tell myself). Olympic weightlifting, eating, and exploring are some of the other things I love doing. I’m also a lover of oldskool {internet, programming, computing} and have recently dipped into the demoscene.

Privacy: I don’t keep, store, or want, any of your data. I use GoatCounter analytics which has absolutely no tracking or privacy invasive techniques such as following you around the web. This is only so I don’t have to keep writing shitty scripts to read server logs and because I think the integrated WP “stats” are questionable.

Last updated: 18/06/2020